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Some More Thoughts Writen

There are so many groups AA being one that are there to help people who have already fallen in to destructive habits. There are seminars devoted to anti bullying and violence. They are methods of trying to unteach already imbedded negative behaviours. So I got to thinking of ways that these behaviours could be potentially avoided. It was so simple and once it had popped into my little head I couldn’t believe it hadn’t dawned on anyone else.

Why aren’t we preparing our youth for the real world? Why are most of the valuable skills we learn that benefit us and are used almost everyday the ones we are taught in kindergarten? Sharing, taking turns (patients) exc. So why does it stop there?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to prepare people for the real world outside of school? A changed curriculum a reformed style of teaching that grows more intricate and informed as a child grows and matures as well?

Some of the very well adjusted individuals I have encountered have come from healthy families that not only we loving caring and companionate but also honest and informative preparing their offspring for the outside world as to not leave them sheltered. These families though seem to be few and far between now and because of years of degrading family values many of the skills, ethics, and morals that would have been taught have been lost in a pattern much like the game of telephone.

Violent crimes are on the rise and prisons are over crowded. Suicide rates are constantly escalating. Less people are getting married and those who do don’t last. There are so many statistics that are showing us that dramatic changes need to be made. There is a way to pass down the wisdom that has being lost.

Could you imagine a generation from now…

 If in school we were taught that were all beautiful because were unique. It would counteract the Medias warped perception of beauty giving individuals a stronger self image and sense of worth before becoming brainwash tweens?

Just think of the impact it would have on people’s relationships with peers as well romantic if we were taught in school what healthy relationships are and how to engage in them. Seeing as most of these skills are learned from our parents and a healthy family life seems to be declining why not start teaching what is healthy starting off in the simplest terms with youth then growing more in-depth as they age.

It makes sense to teach youth what healthy coping mechanisms are doesn’t it? Were all going to have a bad day feel down and when we do why not turn to something positive? Paint, write, jog, talk to someone the list can go on and on, Instead of a substance or any other negative behaviours.

 There are so many other dynamics and things that should be integrated into what we are taught in school. I really like to use fire safety as an example… We are taught fire safety every year over and over “stop drop and roll” is imbedded into almost everyone’s minds.  It’s done just in case there’s a fire. Just in case… Why not prepare people for things that are far more likely to occur in life as well. Prepare people for the world and at the same time start to change it for the positive through the education system. Teach compassion, communication; respect for ones self and others, healthy coping techniques, healthy relationships, I could keep ranting but I’m sure your imagination is as extensive as mine with the abundance of things that could be incorporated into it.

This is the idea that is Teach Love… Ideas grow

Self Love By Heather Ferroux

Girls out there need to practice some more self love.  So often we sell ourselves short and think that we’re not good enough, beautiful, skinny enough or that we have to change who we are for someone else.  we need to start appreciating our selves more and love all the little things about ourselves that we might not love, because no one will be able to love who you really are if you don’t and if you hide it from the world.  Always so insecure and afraid to be yourself and to make mistakes that you hide yourself and hate yourself when really that’s the biggest mistake.  

So often we get ourselves into unhealthy relationships, and let ourselves be treated poorly, taken advantage of because we don’t think we deserve better.  Dont think we’re good enough so we settle for what we can get instead of holding out for what we really deserve, someone that will love us as much as we should love ourselves.  which is why we need to learn to love ourselves more, even just a little every day, because if we dont love ourselves who will.  WE get into these relationships because we don’t think we can do better, we can, we all deserve a little love.  LOVE isn’t supposed to make you feel sad, broken, worthless, empty, not good enough, like it’s all your fault, and make you change yourself to try and make someone happy.  take a step back if you need to and take a look. we shouldn’t have to change who we are, people will love us for who we truly are, we just need to show them how by loving ourselves.  

I personally have gotten into some less than healthy relationships because of my self-esteem issues.  thinking i’m not good enough and that i don’t deserve or will ever get anything better.  time after time ive lied to myself into thinking that i’m in a loving relationship just because i want to be loved so bad that i will let myself be treated less than i should be. letting myself be shut out, felt small, feel guilty for not drinking because they do, let myself be stripped of who i am. be cheated on.  If someone loves you they should make you feel like you’re the best, let you be you and make mistakes and stand by your side.  We are capable of providing that love for ourselves. Instead i’ve torn myself down so much that i feel like i’m dependent on someone else to feel loved that i can’t feel that way without them.  and when they finally leave get so broken down and empty because that love was taken from me and i have no idea how to survive without it.  Instead of loving myself i throw everything on that person and forget myself.  Need to love myself more so that i can stand strong and whole if someone leaves my life as often happens in life. people come and go so that we may learn from each other.  and if it was love i wouldn’t feel so broken and alone after, that’s not how love is supposed to work.  instead of losing ourselves, we need to experience life as who we really are and love all the little joys and faults and crazy little things.  

LOVE yourself, its the best love you’ll have.

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